Sweetch Energy


Sweetch Energy is a renewable energy company specialising in osmotic energy, and committed to a carbon neutral world. Our INOD® technology enables the production of clean and competitive electricity from salt water, a permanent and abundant source of energy yet untapped. Driven by a desire to expand the frontiers of renewable energy, our multicultural and highly qualified team combines scientific expertise and industrial vision. Sweetch Energy benefits from the support of many renowned European and French institutions. It is financially supported by deeptech and climate-tech investors (Go Capital, Demeter Ventures, Future Positive Capital) as well as by the BPI and ADEME, and cooperates closely with French research institutions, in particular teams led by Professor Lydéric Bocquet (CNRS, ENS).

Livres blancs

Communiqué de presse : Les Echos 22 mars 2022
Communiqué de presse : Les Echos Weekend - A l'aube d'une révolution énergétique (2 juin 2022)

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