At NAODEN, we believe that the energy transition is not simply a matter of proposing another form of energy. Energy must become collaborative and positive in the sense that everyone must become an actor of change. This is why we are building a real energy alternative today, working simultaneously to reduce waste and energy bills. For NAODEN, tomorrow's energy will be green, produced locally from waste and a vector of local employment in a spirit of circular economy. Our offer, aimed at industrialists, local authorities and the agricultural sector, is thus in line with the commitments made by the law on energy transition and with quality and CSR standards. Since 2015, NAODEN has been designing, manufacturing and installing bioenergy micro-power plants that combine different energies (gas, electricity and heat) directly on the production site. The innovation we bring lies in our ability to handle the entire biomass waste recovery chain (prepare > transform > recover) to meet all our customers' requirements. We convert waste-related expenses into a financial product.

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NAODEN - Valorisez vos déchets en énergies grâce au principe de pyrogazéification

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